A first glimpse into the IFM theses to be finished in May 2012
The 2010 IFM batch is starting on the final part of the master programme and the students have now chosen thesis working titles and worked out a project proposal for the research. As for the previous IFM batches also the 2010 batch will present their plans and preliminary results at the end of this term, reflecting a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, geographical distribution and scientific interests. The presentations will take place 23 November 2011 while the theses will be finished during May 2012. The presentations are open to the public; all are welcome to attend the presentations, to question the students or to give their comments.


Programme for Wednesday 23 November 2011

Korshunova, Ekaterina
Working title:
Supervisor: Jasmine Nahrgang

Nunez, Lara Agullo
Working title:
Supervisor: Inger Britt Falk-Petersen/Elvar Halldor Hallfredsson

Egyir, Isaac Kwasi
Working title:
Supervisor: Peter Arbo/Bjørn Hersoug

Lyslo, Kari Hoel
Working title:
Supervisors: na

11:40 Lunch break

To, Phuong
Working title:
Supervisors: Bjørn Hersoug

Garcia, Xoel Chamorro
Working title: