Thesis writing

Writing a thesis offers the student an excellent research experience. Identifying and defining problems, locating and evaluating relevant information, devising and executing ways of getting clear answers to good questions, and mastering the conventions of research writing are the essence of scholarship.
  • The thesis contains: (a) preliminary pages, (b) chapters forming the body of the thesis, and (c) supplementary material including reference list and appendices.
  • The body of the thesis consists of an abstract, an introductory chapter, possibly a chapter on related literature, methods and procedures, a results chapter, and a chapter containing discussion and conclusions. In addition, a summary chapter may be helpful. A thesis may vary from this pattern when considered desirable by the student's thesis adviser. Each chapter begins on a new page.
  • The abstract should not exceed 500 words and be one paragraph only. Normally the abstract is the last to be written in the thesis work.